Exploring Tancheon Lake

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Nowadays when students are so caught up with academic pressures and works, they do not have many opportunities to interact with nature. Today, our envi sci class went on to a field trip to Tancheon Lake to explore the ecosystem that is presented near us. Honestly, I hated to wet my shoes and put my feet into a water that seems dirty and harmful to my body. However once I got in the lake and felt cool water running through my toes, I regretted how I was even reluctant to get into the water. Also When I saw cactus flies, and leeches under big rocks, I realized that water is clean enough for other creatures to live in and can not possibly be harmful to my bodies. Then I began enjoying the nature by exploring and seeking for creatures under the rock and plants that live in riparian zone which represent the beauty of the lake Tancheon. Our group even got a chance to witness many little fishes swimming across the lake and through our fingers and toes when we tried to catch them. It was like watching a little fish kingdom! I was fascinated by the fact that so many different creatures can live in a small lake and they have their own little societies formed with harmony. Next, I went to the other side of lake to search for different plants that people have not found before. Luckily, I was able to find beautiful flowers located under bigger plants and I never expected a plant like that would grow in such a harsh environment. Today, not only I learned about how much a single river can offer and show us but also once you approach the ecosystem around you with curiosity and desire, one would be able to find more beauties of the nature that are usually hidden.


Live simply so that others may simply live!

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August 31, 2012. 2:19 PM

Temperature: 29.8 degrees Celsius

Weather: Scattered Clouds

Humidity: 62% humidity

State of Atmosphere: 1012 hPa


When I first encounter this quote, I simply asked my self, what can this possibly represent? How can me living simply change other’s life style? I pondered around these words for a while and came to a bright realization: through little sacrifice of my comfort, people around me can live in a better environment. If one looks through perspectives of environmentalists, one can realize that living simply will mean living without technology , just blending and accepting what nature presents to you. It is clear that living without any technology would be extremely arduous, however, I believe that one can live simply with doing simple tasks. Walking to the school instead of taking cars, eating fruits and not wasting excessive amount of water can simply make one live one’s life simply, and not conforming to the lure of technologies, electronics and limited resources. Although those tasks might seem trivial, if they build up as time passes and more people apply them,  living simply would be able to spark up enormous change around one’s world where others live and interact. People, it’s time to come to our senses and become better people. By giving up little of our comforts and living simply, we can  protect the world where others may simply live.

My impact on environment

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August 17, 2012 10:00AM : How do you impact the environment? 

Temperature : 27 degrees Celsius

Weather: mostly cloudy

Humidity : 75% humidity

State of the Atmosphere: 1018.5 hectopascal (hPA)


  To be honest, I did not worry about any consequences on nature that I cause. I would not be serious about using excessive amount of water during shower, turning air conditioner and even computer all night. However, by entering this class and listening to Mr.Boyce, I was able to acknowledge how much nature and human beings are interconnected and how it is crucial for us to increase awareness of the nature. Through going out and seeing nature today, I was able to reflect on my previous behaviors. For my comforts, I was willing to throw away trash. However, what I realize is that these actions will eventually affect me, my loved ones and even my kids in later generations. I firmly believe that one has to care about environment and nurture it; although it might be inconvenient and little be awkward to  care about something that does not reward you with materials, when one dies, one would be able to die without regret, saying “I protected the world for my kids”. Now, I will start with little minimal tasks to bring changes to my life and the world around me. I would always make sure that all the electronics are turned off when they are not being used, use only needed amount of water to wash myself, recycle my trash and carry around plastic water bottles to each sports practices. From this day on, I do not want to be referred as one who is insensitive and cares purely about oneself. I would want to be referred to as the “protector” who cares about people around me.

             Kyrie Irving is expected to be the first pick of the NBA draft this year. He has been described as the nation’s top point guard and he has proven his ability throughout his years in Duke University. Unfortunately this year, his toe had been broken and he could play for only 8 games. Therefore, directors in NBA teams are concerned about how he would do in NBA: is he going to get back and play like just the way he used to? Or is he going to play worse due to his injury? However he is a pure point guard who can lead the team and create unique plays. He won’t ever dribble selfishly or force plays, and play with comfort and confidence all the time. He has an ability to make good decisions with sharp court vision. Therefore in 1 on 1 situation, there is an only little possibility that he won’t be able to score. Although he has a body adjusted to quick offense and explosive scoring, he has an amazing quickness to stop and steal the ball. However the problem is that his injury can mean either temporary injury or the beginning of bigger injuries. Also he does not possess high athleticism as much as Derrek Rose (This year’s MVP point guard), and lacks in experience due to his absences of all the games in college. Luckily many coaches still acknowledge his talent and potential and they are willing to develop him to the level of Chris Paul who plays point guard and has the highest basketball sense and IQ in NBA. Now the question is, is he going to prove his skills and potential in NBA? Can this possibly be the new era of star point guard? The question remains until the next year’s season.

The decline of Celtics

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     Throughout the history, Boston Celtics has always been seen as the strong candidate for winning the NBA championship and one of the strongest team in Eastern Conference. However despite winning finals just before 3 years ago, the team is starting to fall apart or even looks shallow and old. Their core of future Hall of Famers are getting old and Celtics need strong backups to replace them. Crippled by the lack depth down low after trading Perkins for forward Jeff Green, Celtics had to rely on Shaquille O’Neal, 19 year veteran center for post and paints. However due to his injury, he was useless and Celtics had to suffer tremendously with absence of its center in playoffs. Although Celtics have an amazing group of guards such as Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Jeff Green and even has all star power forward Kevin Garnett, the team is too weak near the area of the hoop. Now that not only Pierce, Allen, and Garnett who are still seen as one of the best veteran players, lack speeds and athleticism compared to young star players such as Lebron James and Dwayne wade but also Shaquille O’Neal has retired, Celtics is in great danger and currently has no chance of winning. The only way to win a championship and bring back the glory is to recruit a strong center and young shooting guards to aid their post, paint and bring more agility and speed to the team. I would say that Celtics will probably recruit Jajuan Johnson who plays Power Forward/Center and has tremendous amount of potential. He has shot block ability, versatility and excellent rebounding skills. Thus Johnson would likely be the safest decision and he would be a crucial player for Celtics from day one.

      On July 5 2010, with high expectation from the public, Phoenix Suns forward/center Amar’e Stoudemire came to an agreement with the Knicks. Knicks decided to pay tremendous amount of money to recruit all star power forward and thought that the signing of Stoudemire as a turning point for the future of a Knicks that had struggled in previous years. Although, Knicks has acquired one of the top forwards in the league, it was not satisfied with itself. Knicks thought that with one star player, winning a championship would not be possible. Therefore, just like Miami heat recruited three star players, New York Knicks pushed for more and more trades. Then on February 21, 2011, Carmelo Anthony was traded to New York along with teammates Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams and Anthony Carter. The NBA and people were shocked by the complete reorganization of the team. Not only that Knicks has recruited multiple all star appeared small forward, Carmelo Anthony along with Chauncey Billups who is a one of the point guards who possess the highest basketball IQ in the league. However the cost of reorganizing and bringing superstars was incredibly hurtful to team’s budget. The Knicks had to send away Felton, Gallinari, Chandler, Mozgov, Kosta Koufos, a 2014 first-round draft pick, the Warriors’ second round draft picks for 2013 and 2014 and $3 million in cash. It almost seems like a new team was created in the league. All the talents and athleticism are gathered in the team, now Knicks has to build up team chemistry and seek for a champion title in the league. Can Knicks with their recruited three star players go against Miami heat with their three star players? Now that the teams have gathered attentions from all around the world, intensified and more competitive NBA games are highly expected for next year.

           Currently, both public and media are shocked by the trading rumor between Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers. The rumor states that Warriors are trading off their starting point guard Monta ellis with Philadelphia’s starting small forward Andre Iguodala. People might wonder what’s a big deal about trading these two players is but the thing is these two players have been star players and leading scorers in both teams. They have played crucial role in every single game during the season. Monta ellis plays both point guard and shooting guard in Golden state warriors. He has speed and quickness to fool defenders and scores tremendous amount of points. However, since he is so adjusted to offense, he lacks in abilities to defend other players. Also in Golden State Warriors, there is a backup point guard named Stephen Curry, and just like Monta Ellis, he is highly adjusted to quick offense while lacks in defending abilities. Therefore, from perspective of Warriors, it is a waste of talents to keep two over lapping players in a same team. They need to recruit some players who not only have abilities to score but also most importantly can defend properly. Now for Philadelphia 76ers, Andre Iguadala is a key player in scoring however besides him, there are many backup players who score as well. Then if Monta is brought to the team, it is evident that the team will be able to score more points quickly and efficiently. However the problems is that, 76ers already do have a rookie player named Evan Turner who plays same position as Monta and has tremendous amount of potential to grow. Evan Turner is one of greatly anticipated rookie players and has demonstrated his talent by contributing to his team with his first appearance of NBA in this year. Those two players can overlap again in the team and 76ers might have to deal with reorganizing the positions of players. If trading between two teams is achieved, Warriors will greatly benefit and be able to stabilize the team but for 76ers, although they will score more points, they are wasting talent of an young player who possesses a tremendous amount of potential to develop.